Integrated data center infrastructures and management systems must also be able to provide cloud computing services, workload management; virtual machines; networks, storage, and user environments; computing infrastructures and applications, on demand. They must also support the networks required for the needs of a multitude of customers, suppliers, and internal users.

Two major vendors are competing on the integrated data center hardware and systems management battleground: Cisco and IBM. Cisco calls its solution a Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS), managed by Cisco UCS Manager. IBM has its PureFlex product line, managed by IBM Flex System Manager. Each of their solutions is designed to achieve the same results.

However, their approaches differ so much that it is difficult to say which of the two solutions best meets the needs of disparate IT organizations.

Complexity, ease-of-use, and familiarity with a host of integrated management solutions all play an important role in the decision.

To assist IT executives and systems administrators in understanding many of the key issues and decision criteria, this paper highlights the concepts of, features, and important distinctions between IBM Flex System Manager and Cisco UCS Manager.

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