Used internally by the sales force, the battlecard is a succinct guide on how to sell a product or solution in a competitive situation, and how to gain an advantage over the competition. The level of detail and depth of the battlecard is based on the client’s needs but may include summaries of the following: product overview, top features and benefits, feature comparison, pricing and licensing, system requirements, product strengths, product weaknesses, and challenges and responses.

Sample Battlecard Headings

  • Summary Description of the Market
  • Summary Description of the End-User
  • Summary Description of Quest Product
  • Top Product Features
  • Pricing (list pricing)
  • Summary Description of Competitor’s Product
  • Top Competitor’s Product Features
  • Summary Comparison of Both Products
  • Platform Support and System Requirements
  • Competitor Pricing (list pricing)
  • Competitor Strengths
  • Competitor Weaknesses
  • Challenges and Responses
  • Challenges to the Competitor

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