In a previous white paper, published in July 2014, Edison took a wide view of different metrics for judging the performance and agility of several workload management platforms. In this Tech Brief Update, Edison explores the evolution and enhancements of IBM Platform LSF by evaluating updated benchmarks and comparing them to the initial findings.

Evolution in Technology

In High Performance Computing (HPC), hardware improvements, both at the processor and peripheral levels, often take time to be fully realized. System latencies continue to decrease with improved hardware design elements as compiler updates and software enhancements are applied to ever-increasing hardware throughput and speed.

IBM® Platform™ LSF®, a powerful workload management platform for distributed HPC environments, is a prime example of this constant evolution and enhancement. With this in mind, Edison revisited IBM Platform LSF to see how, over time, change may have enhanced and augmented scheduler performance. With the expectation that elapsed time improvements would be shown over time, this Technology Brief update focuses on how the effects of time (hardware evolution) and code optimization can greatly enhance past results.

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