A key challenge for enterprise IT is maintaining high performance, while meeting increasingly stringent requirements for security and reliability. In addition, budget constraints, and a seemingly endless sprawl of physical and virtual systems, increase delivery complexity. Enterprise IT managers continue to face difficult decisions on how to deliver enterprise performance, security, and reliability to users within their budgets.

Considering the value added by Big Data, Cloud, Database Farming, and blazing application speed on purpose-built platforms, business managers and IT executives considering solutions to run increasingly complex applications face a dizzying array of vendor platforms.

This technical/business white paper assesses new infrastructure choices from Oracle, and how they can help organizations meet their performance and security requirements without tradeoffs.

At the center of Oracle’s offerings in Edison’s evaluation lies the new Oracle SPARC M7 processor, which features new technology Oracle calls “Software in Silicon.” With 32 cores and 256 threads per processor, the SPARC M7 marks nearly a 300 percent improvement over the previous generation SPARC M6 processor . The SPARC M7 processor is used across the full range of new Oracle SPARC Systems including the SPARC T7 Servers with one to four sockets, the SPARC M7 Servers with eight or 16 sockets and the new Oracle SuperCluster M7.

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