Network Performance Monitoring is a critical part of an enterprise’s infrastructure. It is responsible for maintaining service levels for the business and the customer.

Ideally, network performance monitoring solution should:

  • Manage network performance monitoring functions from one central point.
  • Monitor multiple levels and degrees within network.
  • Base dashboards/alerts on exception reporting.
  • Be easy to interpret.
  • Be real-time in nature.
  • Have tools available from that central monitoring station to quickly analyze and remediate issues as they occur.
  • Provide proactive functionality such as capacity and/or performance forecasting.
  • Be reasonably priced.

Edison Group was asked to perform a compare-and-contrast study between SolarWinds NPM 12 and HPE NNMi, based on four decision criteria categories:

  1. Organizational Viability
  2. Functions/Features
  3. Technical Requirements
  4. Pricing

The results of this study can be found here.