Edison has encountered a common set of questions from clients engaging with us on Dynamic Social Events Marketing campaigns. To provide a deeper understanding of how DSEM can benefit organizations we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

What’s so different about DSEM compared to regular marketing campaigns?

Traditional marketing campaigns are inevitably interruptions. In an age of 24/7 information overload, just getting a customer’s attention can be exceedingly expensive, if not impossible. DSEM connects with prospects during live industry events, when they are most receptive to targeted messages and most likely to engage with them. DSEM is permission-based marketing at its best.

What kind of audience will DSEM help us connect with?

Aside from highly-qualified leads, DSEM can be used to connect your brand and products with industry influencers, analysts, press and media, channel partners, and yet unexplored market segments.

Does DSEM only address onsite attendees?

No. DSEM casts a much wider net over all digital attendees or spectators, using specific hashtags and selected topic keywords.

Does DSEM use our existing social media accounts?

Yes as well as your partner’s in a collaborative effort. A synchronized collaboration plan between Edison and your corporate and partner social accounts significantly amplifies the impact and results.

How will DSEM help us in gaining more audience?

Quite simply, DSEM works by providing value in real time to attendees (actual and digital) who need it during an event. DSEM monitors live online conversations for specific topics, then engages and provides content in real time. This makes people take notice, generating good will and appreciation, with a high likelihood of follow-back, making for a larger, more engaged, and more loyal audience in the long run.

Why can’t we simply buy regular leads?

You can, but regular B2B leads are expensive to buy, expensive to qualify and filter, and difficult to convert. Even on the inbound side, a good quality B2B technology industry website only converts 2 percent of visitors at best. The best approach is to carefully do the math between your various options and pick the best most efficient path to ROI.

Does DSEM only work during industry events?

No. The DSEM process has Before, During, and After phases around each covered event. The best practice recommendation is to activate DSEM during multiple events over the course of the year, so the benefits can be connected and amplified across sessions over time.

Couldn’t we do this ourselves?

You could, but you need the expertise, the staff, the methodology, the social accounts, the time (of course), the metrics, and more importantly, the content to deploy before, during and after each event. Additionally, there are benefits to running DSEM via an impartial third-party account like Edison. DSEM is designed to complement and amplify your marketing efforts – not replace them.

So what happens before, during, and after each event?

Before the event, we go through discovery with you and your partners. We start surfacing and compiling watch lists of pertinent audience segments. And we work closely with you to produce various types of content for use during the event. We work directly with your partners during the on-boarding process and throughout the event cycle. During the event, we monitor everything that’s going on in real time, responding to and engaging with virtual and live attendees, all the while collecting metrics and deploying content. After the event, we follow up with key audience members, deploy more content, and analyze the accumulated data. We use this to adjust and adapt for the next event, as needed, and to produce the detailed reports you need.

What kind of metrics do you collect?

We can collect virtually any type of metric required. Ideally, we want to measure initial effort through and including sales lead generation. We typically sit with you during discovery to analyze your business goals and determine which metrics and KPIs are most appropriate for your particular case.

Do we need to produce content or can Edison do it for us?

A combination of both is typically recommended.

What kind of content can DSEM deploy?

Pretty much anything we agree on. Edison’s specialty is analysis delivered via infographics, videos, white papers, webinars, and blog postings.

How do you measure the number of leads DSEM generates?

We measure total clicks on every piece of content we deploy. Once on your landing page (or registration site) we integrate with your backend analytics (Google Analytics, Omniture, etc.) to analyze visitor behavior. We can then compare this to your normalized benchmarks to show the impact of DSEM leads vs. organic ones (bounce rate, CTA conversions, breadcrumb trails, etc.).

How do you know a DSEM lead is higher quality than a regular one?

Compared to regular organic (SEO) or paid leads (PPC), DSEM leads are already “deeper” into the customer journey, by virtue of participating in a live industry event. This means they are already interested in your products and industry. DSEM leads are therefore always engaged, most likely aware (low education barrier) and carry lower acquisition costs than “regular” leads which likely include a large number of tire-kickers.

How do we know which events to pick for DSEM?

If your company is already attending or participating in any industry events, it is probably a good idea to start amplifying those efforts with DSEM. If not, we can brainstorm with you and help you pick the annual venues that best fit your needs. For a full list of Tech Events click here.

Can you send us foot traffic during the event as well?

Yes. During discovery we work out effective means to drive local traffic to your booth, and to measure that DSEM contribution directly.