There are many technology pundits who talk about their specialty (cloud, opensource, virtualization) and make generalizations about the direction your industry and/or your company needs to go in order to survive. Be careful of generalizations because, at best, they provide directional guidance.

A lot of these are based on the theme that their particular technology component is a “silver bullet”. Over the last 30 years, this has rarely proven to be the case.

I recently read an article published by TechRepublic where Mark Kaelin talked about how “modern businesses must develop for a cloud-based technological universe or risk irrelevance“.

While I agree that cloud is a technology/business disruptor, I really dislike the sensationalism that pervades the technology industry. The cloud has been largely misunderstood by laymen and technologists alike.

For example,

  • It will be cheaper to move to the cloud
  • It will be more expensive to move to the cloud

Either one is true depending on what you are doing, who you choose to partner with, and what their pricing strategy is at this very moment. For example, it may be less expensive to process data in the cloud, but it can be very expensive to move data to and from the cloud.

I am fully behind the cloud as originally defined by NIST. Cloud is NOT defined by where processing occurs. It is based on the ability to scale bi-directionally as needed to support the business.

Cloud does have a place for modern organizations. It is relevant and companies need to explore this option. The decision is not all-or-nothing. Most hi-tech firms support the vision of hybrid processing environments and provide tools and services for single point of management.

Cloud can benefit SMB’s, providing them with technology capabilities equivalent to large enterprises at costs they can afford.

Cloud migration decision should be based on numerous factors such as security, interoperability, public/private, manageability, risk, and gap between perceived and realized business impact.

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Harold Kreitzman

VP, Strategic Advisory

Edison Group, Inc