Every day I try to figure out what would be a good topic to write about and fortunately there are many irresponsible journalists that provide me with subject matter.

The latest is from one of my least-liked authors, David Linthicum, who rightly so, suggests a centralized Security model for the cloud

While I heartedly agree with the idea, I do NOT agree with his sensationalist, unsupported comments regarding enterprises not embracing centralized security.

As a former Chief Technology Executive and a consultant who regularly talks to technology executives at many organizations  in many industries, I will say that many of them fully embrace centralized security services. 

Much of what was performed by IT Ops and application development in-house is now being outsourced or managed by respected 3rd parties.

The real challenge regarding centralized security is NOT focused on control. 

It is focused on TRUST. 

Who is able to provide a reliable, consistent, future-proofed centralized security service is the real question!

David any ideas?

PS. David changed his position three times in his article from Enterprise don’t like the idea to Enterprises don’t SEEM to like it. Based on what input from whom? That’s why I have issues with his writing.