The interesting part of this Info World article is that it doesn’t come out and say that the reason for data center growth is that since #cloud is growing, cloud providers need more infrastructure.

Based on that fact, the growth of data centers will never slow, not in 10 years or 20 years or 50 years.

The other premise is that data center leases are holding back companies from migrating.


If the financials are correct, migration will occur. In fact, many enterprises are looking to decrease costs by moving application processing to less expensive processing centers, their own, hosted or cloud.

Also, another component of cloud growth (and subsequent cloud infrastructure growth) is that SMBs are taking advantage of SaaS offerings which put them on par with larger enterprises.

So in fact, the adoption of cloud results in data center growth since cloud adoption is really about moving your data processing infrastructure to someone else’s data center.

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H Kreitzman