Thirteen Reasons to Engage Edison…

  • 1. We understand your customers as we were your customers – many of us have worked in business and IT support roles for major companies
  • 2. We know what messaging resonates in the market – customers can quickly identify marketing-speak and shy away from it
  • 3. We keep current with technology, trends and the implications to your business – technology is moving at light-speed
  • 4. We have extensive marketing, sales, research, technical, social media experience, since 2004
  • 5. We are experts at engaging audiences to drive web traffic to your landing site – multiple success stories
  • 6. We have the capability of crafting messaging in any delivery medium
  • 7. We independently audit and write-up your testing results or conduct the tests ourselves – 
  • 8. We have deep-technical knowledge – we have the capability to conduct hands-on testing and analysis
  • 9. We provide independent 3rd party validation – we provide unbiased expert perspectives
  • 10. We use the latest, most effective, social media-based message distribution for huge amplification
  • 11. We have demonstrable results
  • 12. High-tech firms like IBM, HPE, Oracle, Dell EMC, etc. count on Edison to impact their bottom line…

And the number one reason to work with us…

  • 13. We deliver the best ROI in our space!