There are basic steps in message creation and message distribution that need to be followed to achieve the most effective impact with your intended audience. Incorrect messaging executions can be wasteful and even cause regulatory challenges that can lead to serious business damage.

Being a native Long Islander I got a kick out of a company that used a trending technology buzz in an attempt to enhance its market presence but without the execution to support the messaging, the efforts backfired.

An extreme example of how mismanaged messaging can impact a business negatively is evident in the case where Long Island Beverage decided in late 2017 to change its name to Long Blockchain. The name change was based on their intention to change the business direction to pursue acquiring and/or developing services to support blockchain. Messaging activities about their intentions caused their stock to spike to a level of 15 times greater than it was before it changed its name, probably in anticipation of perceived future results. Although Long Blockchain executives had voted to pivot their focus onto the trending technologies, they had not taken enough steps to move in that direction.

In February, 2018, NASDAQ took exception and notified Long Blockchain that the stock will be delisted since, “…the Staff believed that the Company made a series of public statements designed to mislead investors and to take advantage of general investor interest in bitcoin and blockchain technology…”.

There is one key takeaway from this example:

Messages need to be Aligned to have the right Resonance with your audience or they can have serious negative impact – It is important to use dramatic messaging to have an impact on your prospective target audience. Long Island Beverage, aka Long Blockchain, did this and their perceived value increased significantly. Concurrently, it is imperative to align your message with your products and solutions – Long Blockchain did not yet have any products and/or solutions associated with their new messaging. The market interest deteriorated and even worse, it caused NASDAQ to take regulatory action.

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Long Blockchain traded as high as $9.49, the intraday price on 04/26/2016 was 67 cents.

Link to NASDAQ Delist explanation

Harold Kreitzman, Editor, Edison Group