Edison Group, Inc. amplifies our tech industry client’s marketing efforts by creating deep-technical and competitive marketing content used in campaigns that drive engagement to generate leads and increase revenue.

Located in Union Square, New York City, our experienced marketers, business/IT analysts and executive team have been providing insights and competitive technical information to impact revenue and IT decisions since 2005.

A deep-technical, hands-on approach to industry research combined with our network of experienced business/IT analysts and practitioners have been instrumental in building and strengthening lasting relationships with numerous Fortune 100 technology companies.

Every internal or public-facing project Edison Group undertakes is customized to meet the client’s objectives.

Edison works with marketing, sales and development teams looking to:

  • Define and align messaging based on market needs
  • Improve competitive positioning and define differentiation
  • Support value propositions to impact sales
  • Focus on competitor weaknesses and client strengths
  • Research usability
  • Plan feature and functionality enhancements
  • Engage in social media to amplify messaging

IT executives depend on Edison to inform IT decisions as to the best choice in a solution assuring continuity in processing and employment.

Some marketing firms help to position your messaging. Some create content. Some have deep-technical expertise. Some have a practitioner perspective. Edison is one of the few firms that does all, offering a uniquely complete end to end marketing solution. Our goal for every client engagement is to measure the ROI achieved.