Edison Group, Inc. is an information technology and business analyst firm that provides coverage of a large array of subject matter focus areas, technologies, and industry developments. Founded and located in New York City, our experienced analyst and executive team has been providing insights and competitive technical information to impact revenue and IT decisions since 2005. Our deep technical research-focused approach to industry coverage and our strong analyst pool have been instrumental in building and strengthening lasting relationships with numerous Fortune 100 companies.

Every internal or public facing project Edison Group undertakes is customized.

Edison works with marketing teams looking to:

  • Align goals with market requirements
  • Improve product positioning
  • Clarify value propositions
  • Promote products strategically
  • Impact sales

Edison works with sales teams looking to:

  • Describe and differentiate products
  • Counter competitors’ claims
  • Answer tough questions from customers
  • Focus on competitor weaknesses and client strengths
  • Impact sales

Edison works with development teams looking to:

  • Research the product in action
  • Understand market needs
  • Map the competitive landscape
  • Plan the feature and functionality enhancement
  • Impact sales

Edison helps IT teams as well, informing IT decisions so that the best choices are made.

Some analyst firms provide product testing and research data, while others provide collateral and reports. Edison is one of the few firms that does both, offering a uniquely complete research and analysis solution.