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Cisco – SDN ACI Customer Insights

Edison has followed the development and use of Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) over the past five years. Cisco ACI delivers an intent-based networking framework to enable agility in the data center. It captures higher-level business and user intent in… Continue Reading →

Comparison of Open Source Software vs. IBM Spectrum LSF Suite for Enterprise

Today, the onslaught of data and the corresponding need to process it quickly has created significant demands on traditional IT infrastructure. To meet that need, high-performance computing (HPC) has become an integral part of the workload mix. To complicate matters,… Continue Reading →

Commentary: 97% of risk pros say IoT cyberattack would be ‘catastrophic’ for their business!

If you think about it, #BYOD started the chain of events that led to today’s unsecured #IoT devices. The demand for handheld control over our daily lives, ala Dick Tracy, has led to a much less secure workplace and daily… Continue Reading →

Flat Tire?

Edison fixes flats. If you have a marketing and sales enablement program that is stalled, we can help. Clients come to Edison when: o They have competitive challenges in the marketplace o Their sales force is paralyzed, like a deer… Continue Reading →

Paid, Organic or Content-Based Social Media Marketing?

When looking for an effective social media methodology there are several choices, namely paid, organic and content-based. While the trade press waxes poetic about each one of them (or a combination thereof), to be successful there must be a rethinking… Continue Reading →

Edison Sales Guide

Sales Guides incorporate sales objectives and current messaging. Sales Guides provide consistent framework for sales teams and include tools, such as battlecards. Sales Guide Outline 1. Introduction Objective Methodology Audience and Key Value 2. Sales Executive Summary 3. Terminology and Product/Service Definitions 4…. Continue Reading →

Edison Battlecards

Used internally by the sales force, the battlecard is a succinct guide on how to sell a product or solution in a competitive situation, and how to gain an advantage over the competition. The level of detail and depth of… Continue Reading →

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