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Matthew Elkourie

IBM Platform LSF Meets Evolving High Performance Computing Demands

In a previous white paper, published in July 2014, Edison took a wide view of different metrics for judging the performance and agility of several workload management platforms. In this Tech Brief Update, Edison explores the evolution and enhancements of… Continue Reading →

Graphical Processing Units (GPU) Improve Data Analytics and High Performance Computing in Financial Services

Edison evaluates high performance computing in the financial services sector through analysis of the challenges and benefits of GPU-accelerated computing. The report additionally explores the business value Cray CS-Storm cluster supercomputers offering full integration of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs provides to… Continue Reading →

CRAY and INTEL Accelerate CVA Performance in Addressing Counterparty Risk

Edison evaluates counterparty risk in the financial services sector through analysis of the demands and challenges of Credit Valuation Adjustment (CVA). The report explores the advantages and business value Cray® XC™ Series Supercomputer architecture featuring Intel processors delivers in solving… Continue Reading →

How HPC is Making Sense of Big Data

High Performance Computing (HPC) is a continually evolving technology platform with roots extending back to the 1960s era of super computers. While traditionally we might associate HPC with life sciences, work associated with pharmaceutical design and research and other scientific… Continue Reading →

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