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Graphical Processing Units (GPU) Improve Data Analytics and High Performance Computing in Financial Services

Edison evaluates high performance computing in the financial services sector through analysis of the challenges and benefits of GPU-accelerated computing. The report additionally explores the business value Cray CS-Storm cluster supercomputers offering full integration of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs provides to… Continue Reading →

HPE 3PAR StoreServ 7200 with File Controller versus NetApp FAS3250 Storage System

Edison performed an analysis of the benefits of data reduction technologies between the HPE 3PAR StoreServ 7200 with File Controller and NetApp FAS3250 systems. The data used was a typical representation of unstructured data found within most organizations and was… Continue Reading →

CRAY and INTEL Accelerate CVA Performance in Addressing Counterparty Risk

Edison evaluates counterparty risk in the financial services sector through analysis of the demands and challenges of Credit Valuation Adjustment (CVA). The report explores the advantages and business value Cray® XC™ Series Supercomputer architecture featuring Intel processors delivers in solving… Continue Reading →

Accelerate the Advantages of VMware Virtual Volumes with IBM FlashSystem and Storwize Family

Deep integration with server virtualization technologies such as VMware vCloud and now Virtual Volumes (vVols) is a must for any storage system that hopes to be competitive in the current information technology (IT) marketplace. IBM and VMware have been working… Continue Reading →

IBM Flex System Manager vs. Cisco UCS Manager: Complexity Analysis

Integrated data center infrastructures and management systems must also be able to provide cloud computing services, workload management; virtual machines; networks, storage, and user environments; computing infrastructures and applications, on demand. They must also support the networks required for the… Continue Reading →

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