How We Help Partner Teams

We help partner teams who are:

Concerned they don’t have the tools and training their partners need in order to sell more of their products.

Frustrated their partner program might be inferior to their competitors’ partner programs.

Worried they don’t understand their partners’ concerns, business challenges, and what they think about the company, its products, and its program offerings.

Uncomfortable with the lack of knowledge about how their partners make money.

Edison works closely with channel and partner teams to help them meet their goals by arming them with knowledge and tools to:

Better understand their partner’s problems and goals.

Improve and enhance their partner programs

Provide the incentive and tools required to address both partner and customer needs.

Encourage partners to sell more.

Goals of Competitive Solutions

Strategize positioning, differentiate products, clarify value proposition, develop messaging, and plan promotions.

Enable the sales force to win by providing them strategies, tactics, and resources.

Answer specific competitive questions and challenges raised during sales process.

Re-invigorate the competitive spirit by creating a drumbeat of relevant competitive information, news, and topics.

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