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HPE SW Thought Leadership Series – IT Operations Management (ITOM)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise contracted Edison Group to write a series of thought leadership articles that address how HPE is meeting some of hybrid cloud’s greatest challenges for IT Operations Management (ITOM). The sources of the information were in-depth interviews with… Continue Reading →

HPE SW Thought Leadership Series – ChatOps – a Collaboration of People, Process, Tools and Automation

Hewlett Packard Enterprise asked Edison Group to write Thought Leadership articles to address how HPE ITOM is meeting some of hybrid cloud’s greatest challenges for operational management. The sources of the information were in-depth interviews with HPE ITOM executives, supporting… Continue Reading →

Visual and Interactive Sample Deliverables

Edison can produce a variety of visual and interactive deliverables to address evolving and new audiences that favor concise engaging and mobile enabled content including: Webinar – Video capture of a webinar to support an Edison Mobile Application Development Platform… Continue Reading →

TCO/ROI Calculator

Edison’s approach to financial evaluations is from the ground up, namely we take all relevant financial components into account and compute a projected financial result based on a unique set of user assumptions. In addition to providing detailed results via… Continue Reading →

Edison Services and Sample Deliverables

Edison Group is a custom consultancy that can provide a multi-dimensional approach to supporting our clients through a wide range of services that include: Technical Insight Internal Reports to Development (confidential), Competitive Product Analysis, Competitive Benchmarking (confidential), Benchmarks, Tech Briefs… Continue Reading →

Dynamic Social Events Marketing: Frequently Asked Questions

Edison has encountered a common set of questions from clients engaging with us on Dynamic Social Events Marketing campaigns. To provide a deeper understanding of how DSEM can benefit organizations we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. What’s… Continue Reading →

SolarWinds Network Performance Manager 12 Function, Feature and Cost Advantages over HPE Network Node Manager i

Network Performance Monitoring is a critical part of an enterprise’s infrastructure. It is responsible for maintaining service levels for the business and the customer. Ideally, network performance monitoring solution should: Manage network performance monitoring functions from one central point. Monitor… Continue Reading →

Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage and Red Hat Ceph

In the last half century, data storage has evolved from raw data blocks through structured files. Conventional file systems can only scale so far and even the best clustered file systems have size and performance limits. With the explosion of… Continue Reading →

Evaluating Network Performance Monitoring Toolsets

Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) is a critical part of a healthy processing infrastructure that is designed to consistently maintain service levels. The evaluation of NPM tool set choices should focus on: Vendor Viability. Is the vendor capable of delivering, maintaining… Continue Reading →

Key Business/IT Drivers

Customer-driven marketplace has influenced technology vendor roadmaps as these vendors look towards maintaining and enhancing market share. The following are key business/IT drivers underlying roadmap changes: More Complex Application Stack. Emerging applications like OpenStack, big data, analytics, and hybrid cloud… Continue Reading →

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