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Commentary: The takeaway from Microsoft Build 2017: Competitive businesses must start developing for the cloud…or else

There are many technology pundits who talk about their specialty (cloud, opensource, virtualization) and make generalizations about the direction your industry and/or your company needs to go in order to survive. Be careful of generalizations because, at best, they provide directional… Continue Reading →

Customer Driven Market Impact on Cloud Service Promotion

While cloud product/service adoption has accelerated, there is still a large “untapped” market that has yet to embrace the benefits of what service providers like Amazon, Azure, SalesForce, Rackspace, Dimension Data and others have to offer. As per a recent… Continue Reading →

How Cloud Maturation is Driving Client Adoption

Cloud as a technology paradigm for centralized, highly available, diversified services is experiencing explosive growth as businesses from small to enterprise look to consolidate resources and reduce costs and complexity. Cloud offerings have matured over the course of the last… Continue Reading →

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