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IBM WebSphere MQ 7.5 versus Apache ActiveMQ 5.9: Failover, Transactional Integrity and Administration

This paper provides a comparison of IBM WebSphere MQ 7.5 and the Apache Software Foundation’ʹs ActiveMQ 5.9, with detailed analyses of technical factors including stability, reliability, ease of use, performance, and operational capabilities. ActiveMQ and WebSphere MQ both meet very… Continue Reading →

IBM Platform LSF Meets Evolving High Performance Computing Demands

In a previous white paper, published in July 2014, Edison took a wide view of different metrics for judging the performance and agility of several workload management platforms. In this Tech Brief Update, Edison explores the evolution and enhancements of… Continue Reading →

Edison Visionary Interview Series: Jay Bretzmann – IBM – Security

As part of our on-going industry coverage Edison is not only investigating the latest and greatest in Enterprise technology features and capabilities but also the motivations and vision of the people behind these innovations. In the Edison IT Visionary series,… Continue Reading →

Accelerate the Advantages of VMware Virtual Volumes with IBM FlashSystem and Storwize Family

Deep integration with server virtualization technologies such as VMware vCloud and now Virtual Volumes (vVols) is a must for any storage system that hopes to be competitive in the current information technology (IT) marketplace. IBM and VMware have been working… Continue Reading →

The Strengthening of OpenPOWER

In fitting tribute to its name, the OpenPOWER Foundation is beginning to truly flex its muscle. Originally intended to focus solely on growing and proliferating a compelling architecture for scale out environments, the OpenPOWER mission has continued to evolve since… Continue Reading →

Fall of the IT Titans

IBM. HP. Dell. Is anyone else noticing that these companies, once the leaders in enterprise information technology, are struggling to reinvent themselves? This struggle to change and meet new demands has always been part of their business. Today, these three… Continue Reading →

IBM Flex System Manager vs. Cisco UCS Manager: Complexity Analysis

Integrated data center infrastructures and management systems must also be able to provide cloud computing services, workload management; virtual machines; networks, storage, and user environments; computing infrastructures and applications, on demand. They must also support the networks required for the… Continue Reading →

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