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Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage and Red Hat Ceph

In the last half century, data storage has evolved from raw data blocks through structured files. Conventional file systems can only scale so far and even the best clustered file systems have size and performance limits. With the explosion of… Continue Reading →

Accelerate the Advantages of VMware Virtual Volumes with IBM FlashSystem and Storwize Family

Deep integration with server virtualization technologies such as VMware vCloud and now Virtual Volumes (vVols) is a must for any storage system that hopes to be competitive in the current information technology (IT) marketplace. IBM and VMware have been working… Continue Reading →

Streamlining Object Storage with the Kinetic Ecosystem

A candid assessment of the nature and direction of data reveals that more than 50 percent of it will move to the cloud by 2016. This likely comes as no surprise to those with even a casual interest in the IT… Continue Reading →

SDS and the New Wave: The IBM Spectrum Storage Family

Those monitoring the progress of software-defined storage (SDS) will have noted the prevalence of startup or niche vendors entering the arena. Any incumbent vendors who have thrown their hat in the SDS ring typically did so by way of acquisition… Continue Reading →

Snapshot of Software-Defined Storage Disruption

Digitizing entire industries and wiping out incumbents, software-defined storage (SDS) is capitalizing on server virtualization and the data explosion of recent years. Yet are enterprises – or even vendors – prepared for such change? Storage customers can be reluctant to… Continue Reading →

The Need for Flash

Few technologies in enterprise computing have been talked about more frequently over the last several years than solid-state storage, or flash storage as it is more commonly known. Before EMC introduced Enterprise Flash Drives to their high-end storage platforms in… Continue Reading →

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